In WhichThe Plot Thickens and I Eat My FeelingsĀ 

Class let out early this morning, and I had a voicemail from my doctor’s main nurse, asking me to call her about some test results. 

I looked at my phone and felt my heart racing wildly inside my chest. 

I almost didn’t return the call, but I am in the business of being brave these days, and so I sat in my car, pulled out a pen and notepad, wrote down my questions, and called the lady. 

It turns out that I’m a carrier for Krabbe Disease– a condition that, if inherited, would guarantee the child a short, painful existence. We are being referred to a genetic counsellor for further testing – if the Klingon is also a carrier, then the standard protocol is to skip directly to IVF and select for embryos that are free of the disease.

There is so much to be grateful for here – foremost of which is to be in a situation where we could know and prevent any of our children having this terrible condition. Modern Medicine is so amazing! I’m glad, if a little overwhelmed, to have this information. 

Also, the phone call gave me a chance to ask about the Klingon’s semen analysis, which was not available online. Apart from slightly low morphology and excellent motility, he was completely normal – such a relief! I asked about my odd spotting, and the nurse was just as perplexed as I was. She gave me a few contingency plans for what to do, and we are back on track. 

So for lunch, I got a hamburger, fries, and a milkshake. I had a lot of feelings to eat and I feel much improved. 



PS – 5 Guys makes an excellent milkshake. I’m pretty sure that’s new! Have they always had milkshakes? Because, yum.