Book Review: Baptisms & Boomerangs

Hello, All! 

It’s been a long time, but I’m a teeny bit twitterpated, and I needed to tell you all about it! 

My talented and beautiful friend, Sherrie Morreal Gavin, just published a fantastic book that explains to Mormon children the concept of baptism in a lovely and unique way. 

Baptism and Boomerangs is the a story of an 8-year old Australian girl who is nervous to get baptized. Her grandpa used the metaphor of a boomerang to help her understand that baptism is an important first step in the journey of “return[ing] to live with our … Heavenly Parents forever.” The book places heavy emphasis on trying again when you don’t do things right the first time, and on the importance of letting people who love you help when you can’t figure it out. 

Really, this message was my favorite part of the book; the idea that in life we keep trying to do what’s right, and sometimes we make mistakes, but then we try again. And that it works best when our families are there to help with that whole process. What a positive and healthy message for children to hear, particularly in a culture of perfectionism!

Finally, a great big shout-out to the Australian illustrator, Tatiana Lawton. The bright colors and beautiful depictions of the family bring dimension and humor to each page. The images are creative, and more than once I (literally) laughed out loud at the little details she had included. The characters come to life under her touch. 

For the children in your life who are near baptism age, Baptism & Boomerangs is a fun book with a great message. Families will enjoy the Australian themes and sayings, as well as the metaphor of the boomerang and the relatable characters. I hope it becomes a staple in Mormon homes across the world. 

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