To Be Clear

That press conference was bullshit.

LDS Church backs LGBT rights, but with conditions

I’ve appreciated what everyone has said on the topic; particularly this hopeful post at FMH, and this insightful article at The Daily Beast.

Thanks, Church, for playing, but it’s too little, too late. Marriage Equality is legal in 37 states. This equal-rights stone that was cut out of the mountain is filling the earth. Try not to get squished.

Maybe religious freedoms are losing ground. It’s perfectly understandable for a religious organization to try to protect their own rights (and privilege). However, religious people are not the ones who can’t find homes, or jobs. They aren’t the ones being tied up and beaten, kicked out of their homes at young ages, or being shamed into deep depressions that often end in suicide or self-harm.

For a church that claims to be all about Jesus, they sure do a crap job of taking care of the very people He would befriend and protect.

Using some of the most mistreated people in our society as a microphone for your own agenda is despicable. It’s even worse when you aren’t compensating them for it. The Church made this same announcement of support for anti-discrimination housing laws and such in 2009. Nothing has changed, and they haven’t even used this big, “historic” press conference to help those who actually need it.



One thought on “To Be Clear

  1. You know, I try my hardest to be positive about the small changes that the church is making, but I have had the same feeling as you so many times, too little, too late, especially when something is really played up as a big development. This is definitely a less significant example, but I cried when the missionary age change was announced – partly out of happiness that something was happening, but also because it was too late for me and because I didn’t understand – and still don’t! – why they left such big differences between the genders. It’s so frustrating that changes in the church on things that seem so clear to me happen so incredibly slowly. After the press conference the other day, I saw a CNN notification on my phone that the Mormon church was making a groundbreaking announcement about gay rights, and my heart jumped. When I opened up the article and read what the announcement contained, my first reaction was to be seriously underwhelmed, because it seemed like exactly the same things as what they have been saying all along. I still have hope for what the church can and will be in the future… I just wish that that future could be realized so much sooner to save so many people a lot of heartache and grief.


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