#MicroblogMondays: In Which My Attempt at Making An Appointment Doesn’t Work Out

As you may have guessed, we’ve decided that our time of waiting, healing, learning to balance, and preparation has drawn to a close. I’ve never gotten very far with any of our previous attempts at diagnostics, and so that basically means we start again at square one.

Step one: making an appointment with a gynecologist. That was today’s assignment, and it left me in tears.

(Sidebar: I notice I write about years a lot. I don’t actually cry that much!)

The problem was, I don’t have a gynecologist. I’m long overdue for a yearly exam, but I haven’t bothered. Because reasons. So in order to do anything at all, I need to find a gynecologist.

Finding a gynecologist is like arranging a marriage based on less information than a private Facebook profile. Given that all gynecologist are highly trained, it should be as easy as “Who is accepting new patients?”, but it’s not. My last doctor, for example, was a jackass, and I’m a little gun-shy.

Long story short: the receptionist was very, very rude and unhelpful. I was put on hold very abruptly, and she kept saying “Infertility” very loudly. I hung up in despair, as I waited to be transferred to a different department.

Isn’t this supposed to be the easy part?

(Note: if anyone from Brigham and Women’s is reading this, I’m talking about you guys. Do better. Seriously.)


4 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: In Which My Attempt at Making An Appointment Doesn’t Work Out

  1. Ugh, I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. I’ve ended up in tears after awful phone calls with doctors offices before so I know how that goes… I love how you described finding a gynecologist – it really isn’t as easy as it should be! I always hate trying to find a new doctor. I’ve had experiences with great ones and terrible ones, and it really is worth it making sure that you find someone you like. IF makes you so vulnerable, and you need someone who is understanding and respectful. Good luck with getting the appointment made and starting back on the road of diagnostics!


  2. I just saw this 🙂 Thank you, Reb! I love reading what your experiences are. It helps me feel less alone. I made an appt. with my new general care person, and I’ll get a referral from her for a specialist. AND, guess what? My VT companion and I recently found out that we are both infertile, and we have the same insurance, and she has already gone through a bunch of stuff with the closest clinic. So, that kind of helps a lot.

    How’s your break going? I check my blogroll for you, and I’ve missed you these past few weeks.


  3. Ok, I hope you don’t mind that I’m commenting on all of your posts, but I’m so glad that you have a friend who is in the same place and going through the same things! That would be so nice to have someone that you can talk with and share experiences. I’ve only told a few people in real life but none of them have been through anything like this and I’ve stopped talking about it much because I think I sound like a broken record… haha. I hope your appointment goes well! I’m excited for you that you’re moving forward in the process. I’ve been glad to be taking a break; It’s hard sometimes to think that we’re putting everything on hold, but it helps knowing that it’s definitely the right decision for right now.


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