let’s talk about abortion: a letter to pro-lifers

Young Mormon Feminists

Author’s Note:

Writing this post was a very interesting experience. Because of the sensitivity of the topic, I sent drafts to several friends for feedback, intentionally choosing people from a variety of religious and political backgrounds. Unsurprisingly, everyone had criticisms, for which I was grateful. But what did take me aback was how widely their suggestions for improving the piece varied. The lawyer wanted more evidence. The social scientist wanted more analysis. The activist wanted more fire. The pacifist thought I should tone it down. Whatever each person saw missing in this discussion connected directly to his or her personal life, and each needed something different to make it more compelling or more clear. Often I find myself as interested in the dynamics of a debate as I am in its substance, and with abortion this is definitely the case. Few issues are discussed with greater passion, and few discussions are as…

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