silence on the torture report: don’t talk to me about coffee and sex

Young Mormon Feminists

On December 5th 2014- just last week- the LDS Church released a statement about a principled approach to health care coverage for Utahns. Health care is important; while I think the statement was frustratingly vague and reads like a couple grandpas absentmindedly smiling and nodding at lawmakers, I appreciate the thought.

But since commenting on current issues in the United States is on the table, how about also weighing in on….any other pressing issue? Ever since the Senate Intelligence Committee released a scathing report yesterday about the widespread torture U.S. officials have ordered in recent years, I’ve been absorbed with two main thoughts: 1) Horror at the atrocities my government has committed in my name, and 2) The silence of my religious leaders on this phenomenally disturbing issue.

I don’t expect the church to make a statement on every headline- but I shouldn’t have to spell out the gravity of…

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