Having What You Need vs. Needing What You Have: The Minimalist Axis of Freedom

Life is so much better when we aren’t managed by our things!

Ruth's Gleanings: Blogging from Moab

How much do you really need to be happy?

It’s a question that I’ve lately been asking myself as I glance around our little apartment that is beginning to feel a little full after three Christmases of marriage and several trips home (which invariably involve our parents trying to give us some of their overabundant stuff).

I thought about it again when one of my slightly-older friends was house shopping this week and bemoaning the fact that within the budget range, none of the prospective houses’ kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, etc., were big enough for their three-person household (that only hopes in the future to expand to a four-person).  As I peered at the listings this friend was considering, my eyebrows inched up when I saw the square footage of these homes hitting the high 2,000s to low 3,000s–quite beyond what I’d ever lived in as child in my…

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